Tuesday, September 7, 2010

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We borrowed a little walker from a girl in our ward and Cason is in love with it! He stands up on all on his own with it and then takes off with it- It's so much fun to watch him walk with it. It's made him very confident. When he's standing he'll often times let go of whatever he's holding on and stand there all by himself. Slowly but surely he's getting there.

Adorable, right?
I'm tellin' you, he plays with it morning, noon, and night. He loves this thing! Thanks again Shara!

This was the last weekend our pool was going to be open so we took advantage and went one last time. We had the whole pool to ourselves, it was marvelous.
Cason loves the water. It's gonna be sad not going whenever we can.

We also went to American Fork canyon and did some hiking. It was great having Travis home for an extra long weekend. Thank you holidays! We'll miss you, come back soon!


Telsha said...

What a cutie!

Just the 2 of Us said...

I can't get over how big he is, and how stinkin cute he is!! He will be walking on his own before you know it!