Thursday, September 30, 2010

for your entertainment

I decided to post a video today and thought this one showed where Cason's at nicely. He loves to push things. Ever since he started walking with that little walker he thinks he can push anything-chairs, carts, luggage (at the airport), garbage cans, and strollers. He loves to push and walk with things. So here's a video of him walking and pushing his stroller-

And since I need to make up for not posting any pictures of Cason in the last post I did (thank you Annie for pointing it out) here's another video of Cason walking-


Nick and Jen said...

so,so cute! It's so fun to watch him walk!

Holly said...

It is so fun to watch him walk. He is such an adorable little boy!

Jude, Namea, Kuu said...

Such a cute kid. Miss you guys. We need to find some time to get together.