Thursday, October 7, 2010

one more goodbye

Since we made the big decision about Maestro I've been carrying the camera in my back pocket and taking pictures of Maestro whenever possible. Well now that he's gone and I'm looking at all the pictures, I have to do one more post for him. He is deeply missed and the apartment feels so empty without him. Love and miss you Maestro!
I miss looking down the hallway and seeing you sitting in front of the window checking everything out-I miss playing fetch-Walks are never going to be the same-I miss you bringing your toys to me so we can play me-

I Miss you watching out for us-I miss you following us so closely that when we go down the slide you're just not sure what to do-Playing with Cason...or putting up with Cason I should probably say.

Thank you so much for being such an loyal dog, so fun, energetic, kinda hearted, and the best first dog anyone could ever ask for you!

Miss you bud!


Nat and Charles said...

So heartbreaking! Our dog had a similar hip problem...his one leg got so bad he would just drag it around and the Vet was so surprised that he was such a sweetheart when he was in so much pain! I'm so glad he has a good place to be, but that's gotta be hard for you guys! You were so good and took so many pictures, Cason will love to look at them :)

Telsha said...

So sorry, but so glad you found a good home for him!

Nick and Jen said...

I am glad that you did one more post about Maestro! He is such a good dog!!!

Aaron and Jodi said...

How sad! Aaron and I just read your last two posts:( We feel for you. You have to be a dog owner to understand how much those silly dogs become part of your life! I am happy that you found a good home for him though, it beats the alternative. We sure miss you guys! Hope, besides the Maestro bit, all is well.

Missy said...

Oh my goodness Camille! This post made me BAWL MY EYES OUT!!!

I miss little Maestro already! I am glad you found a good home for him!