Thursday, October 28, 2010

on the move

The other night I got Cason in his pj's a bit early and as he was walking and playing around I noticed how adorable he looks in his new pj's. They're a bit more slimming than his others and you can really see his little belly stick out. It reminded me how fast he is growing. Well I tried so hard that night to try to get a picture of his little belly and his new pj's but I had no such luck. All I got was fuzz pictures like these-All because this boy will not slow down! This was the best picture I got and his face is all blurry because he couldn't just stop and stand for a moment, he stopped to shake his head back and forth as he yelled out an 'aaahhhhh'. It was still pretty funny though.Sunday we were actually ready ten minutes early so I tried to get a shot of how adorable he looked in his sunday best. *sight* Once again, all fuzz-This was the best shot I got. No smile but also no fuzz-
I'm definitely getting my exercise every day!