Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Playing Catch up-Day 1: Another chore to add to the list

When you move into a home you get so excited about the space, all the rooms, where you're going to put everything. I think a lot of responsibility is forgotten about. Like having to buy boring things like water softner, a lawn mower, edger, very un-exciting. Travis though has become rather found of it, thankfully! And of course, so has Cason. Cason has a weird obsession with lawn mowers. And for some reason there is always someone mowing the lawn around here! 8 am-Cason pops up, 'lawn mower'...if only I could really spell it the way he says it because it is priceless to hear. 8:30 pm, just before Cason goes down...'lawnmower'. Of course anything that sounds close to lawn mower is a lawn mower, weed wacker, leaf blower, etc. Anyway, new chores now include mowing the lawn, and I think it's probably Cason's favorite- Thank heavens Trav is a good sport because Cason was pretty sad when he couldn't reach the top bar comfortably so he wanted to hold Travis' hand, pretty much the whole time. The walked hand in hand, it was adorable.

They eventually both got tired. Travis' one arm that he was using to push the lawn mower got tired and Cason's little legs ran out of steam I guess. Being the smart boy that he is though he pulled out his stroller. Pushed it onto the grass. Climbed in. And watched the show. Seriously, how is he so smart??

Gardening is another new chore for us. I have tried to work on this but man it's hard to do every day, I honestly forget to water every day. I'm working on it though and it is so fun being surrounded in flowers!

Cason wasn't a whole lot of help in this area-

So remember the next time you go look at houses at how big the yard is and ask yourself, 'do I really want to mow that every week?' And then look at the garden areas and say, 'do I really want to weed that every week?' I'm not gonna lie, its not an easy question.