Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Don't say the 'b' word!

Which includes (but is not limited to): Basketball, Ball, and worst of all-Bike! Cason hears these words or sees these objects and you'll probably have a fight on your hands...unless of course you want to play basketball, play ball, or go for a bike ride. If this kid could ride a bike then he probably would all day long. He has a push bike that he really loves but his new favorite is now my bike. We put a baby seat on it for him to go riding with me and it is his new favorite thing. Every day, 'bike, bike, bike'. He points to it, he reaches, and he even says 'please' in the cutest way you can imagine. Which of course, I cannot say no to. I have a feeling that every day this summer a bike ride will be included (thankfully it only needs to be 15 minutes long)!
Love you Cas!


Nick and Jen said...

So fun!!! I can't wait to get back on a bike! Don't know yet how to manage that with three kiddos now. :) Cason is a cutie!

TheTerry's said...

So cute! Love bike rides!