Wednesday, July 13, 2011

catch up day 6: growing up so fast

Every parent says it so it seems cliche to say it as well but it's true, Cason is growing up so fast! The past couple of weeks have been quite the eye opener for me. I decided to try to give him cereal a couple weeks ago. He loved it!! Which for those of you that know me know my obsession with cereal. Night, day, dry, with milk-I love cereal! So to have Cason eat it with me was so cool. Thanks to my mom and her not wanting to waste anything we were required to drink our milk. Today, I still drink it. And when Cason saw me do it, he of course had to join me-Even though his bowl still had cereal in it, he still drank all the milk and then asked for more milk. So adorable. He is also now drinking from a cup full time when at the table. He turned his nose up to sippy cups but is still willing to use them when he's in the car, etc. I love that he's drinking from a cup! Some times it's a mess but I love that he's at this milestone. So big.Thanks to having a home and a sandbox Cason can now play while I cook dinner. I didn't think he would be okay with this considering he likes to see me and not be by himself for the most part but he's been doing so much better. I constantly peeked at him through the window every 10 seconds but he had so much fun!
Can. Not. Believe how big he is getting! Two is just around the corner. So crazy!