Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Catching up Day 5: Who needs a petting zoo??

On our way home from a friends house Cason saw some cows and ran straight up to the fence. Travis and I let him go but didn't follow right away until we saw the cow running up to the fence to meet Cason. Travis booked it over to him to play safety inspector and I pulled out the camera (funny how we both have our roles). This cow sniffed, licked, and stared at Cason. I think the cow liked Cason just as much as Cason liked the cow.After the cow was aquainted with Cason he took a couple steps back as if to say, 'that's enough kid'. Cason put his arms in the fence as far as he could to reach out to the cow. He even wiggled his hands and babbled to him. But the cow was done and over it. He did humor Cason and let him touch his nose one more time but that was it. Cason loved every minute of it and had a hard time saying goodbye.
So funny!