Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Las Vegas, Baby!!

But when you don't drink or gamble Vegas isn't quite as exciting. But we had a good time nonetheless. Travis had a conference to go to so we thought it would be fun to drop Cason of with Nana and Papa while we spent a weekend away. Of course while Trav was off at his conference I was left to...walk the strip over and over again. I had fun pretending to take fancy pictures and acting like I wasn't completely alone. Here are some pics that actually turned out pretty good (thought it might be fun to share)-Can you imagine having this job? Yikes!One evening Trav and I decided to take advantage of no Cason and headed to the temple (which I thought totally looked like a stake center)-Another fancy pic that I thought turned out kinda cool-And then we walked the strip together. Haha. Mostly headed to Bellagio to check out the gardens and the fountains-It was a wonderful weekend that we really enjoyed. While we were away Cason had a blast with Nana and Papa! Swinging with Spiderman-Watching 'shows' with Papa-Playing at the park with his cousin-And dressing up for Halloween!
Seriously, my parents rock!