Thursday, November 3, 2011


We had so much fun spending the whole weekend celebrating Halloween! Friday we headed to Hee Haw Farms with my family and had so much fun sliding on the ginormous slide, riding the train- playing in the corn box-going for a pony ride and hanging out at the petting zoo-chasing the ducks-and poking horses in the eyes (they were such good sports)-And going on a hayride-We carved eleven pumpkins this year! Thanks to Travis' drill we got a couple done super fast! Cason tried to his but refused to touch the seeds inside and so he basically watched-But he did help cut out the eyes, nose, and mouth-And then supervised Daddy on the rest of his pumpkins-Our neighborhood had a trick-or-treat village at a park that was a lot of fun. Cason enjoyed eating suckers and other candy on the way around to all the booths-And aboslutely LOVED the bounce house and would slide down on his belly every time- Trick-or-treating was successful and Cason enjoyed ringing the door bells and getting candy...mostly suckers. After two streets I asked him if he was done and he pointed to a new street saying "more, house, sucker". We were out for much longer than I expected but we had a lot of fun-He was a little dinosuar and this is him saying what dinosuars say, 'raw'- We ran into one of Cason's friends who was also a dinosaur. When they saw each other they got all excited and then started walking down the street with one another and chatting it up. It was so adorable-

Hope everyone had a good holiday! Happy Halloween!