Thursday, February 2, 2012

I'm a Liar, Liar, and my pants are on fire!!

That's right, I'm a big fat liar! I am so tired of women finding out how far along I am in my pregnancy and then saying "oh, you're so small!". I cannot tell you how annoying it is to me! I know it is meant as a compliment and that I should take it with a smile and that I am probably on the small end for a woman to be 34 weeks along but I don't care! I've been hearing it since people started noticing I had a bump and I am tired of it. Why can't they say it a different way or comment on how good I look instead of just saying how small I am? And why is it that every woman has to say this? It's not just a weekly occurance it happens every. single. time. a woman strikes up conversation, 'so how far along are you?' At church, Walmart, the library, restaurants even, everywhere!
You know what else I hate about the comment, I have nothing to say after it? "Oh, you're so small" A....thank you? I guess. And then they all start telling me how it was for them and about ALL of their pregnancies and how much weight they gained, and not just in their belly but everywhere else in their body. Why do I need their life story on each one of their pregnancies? Especially when it's these random people at the library and restaurants. I just sit there nodding...'oh, yeah'. 'Ooo, that would be frustrating'. 'I'm sorry to hear that'. And then they always add, 'so is it a boy or a girl?' A girl. Oh, maybe that's why you're so small. Again, a...thank you? So first it's a compliment but now it's probably just because of the gender I'm having. Correct me if I'm wrong but that's not how it worked out for you, right (and I know this because you just told me how much weight you gained and where with all your children-girls included)?
I just want to state for the record that I am measuring the same as any other average pregnant woman would be measuring. I also run out of breath when I climb only half of my stairs, I can't sit in certain positions because I feel little feet or hands poking me, I have to take deep breaths even when I'm just sitting (to catch my breath), I try to pick up things with my toes so I don't have to bend over, and I've traded in the laces for slip-ons because it takes me five minutes to put on shoes, and on and on the list goes. I do not feel small. I feel so uncomfortable and awkward. And if I hear another woman comment on how small I am and then hear her life story, I don't know if I'm going to be able to keep quiet. So, to remedy the situation I have decided to start telling people that I am only...we'll say, 28 weeks pregnant. Yeah, that sounds good. What do you think, how do I look for a woman that's 28 weeks along? Less small? If this gets good feedback and no comments about how small I am then I think I may just stick with 28 until I deliver. Yep, next woman that asks me how far I am that's going to be my answer. Hopefully I don't go up in flames!


Jake and Heidi said...

you are so cute!~ enjoy being small! lol

TheTerry's said...

I don't think anyone is trying to invalidate your discomfort. I loved it when people said that to me because I knew they were complimenting me instead of saying, "Hey fatty!" So sorry to contradict, but that was like my favorite comment while I was pregnant! haha.

Rebecca said...

You are 34 weeks along? Wow! You are sooooo small!!! When I was pregnant I gained weight in my face, feet, and belly of course. Oh and I got this terrible sore that I can't wait to tell you all about. It was horrible. And I was sooooo huge...not like you at all. Yes, you are welcome. P.S. I think when people say you are so small you should kindly reply with, I "appear" small because I am taking really good care of myself and this baby; or just tell them you are carrying a hamster and not an actual child.

syerke said...

Ha ha ha...this is so funny! I have had the same experiences with my pregnancies. I couldn't come up with your solution of lying, but I like it!
And I though it was super funny that the only time in my life people refer to me as "small" is when I'm pregnant..strange