Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A recap of February

I'm just a little behind...mostly because I can hardly even believe it's March! Where did February go? February was a pretty easy breezy type of month for us. Not a whole lot going on. In fact some times it got too quiet! I would be getting ready or doing the dishes and couldn't hear Cason at all. I'd slowly sneak up to his door to peak in his room to see what he was up to and it was always this that I saw-He is loving his trains right now. He asks me to moves his blinds so he can play with them right along the window sill. I hardly bother putting his blinds down anymore he plays with them so often-I love it! He loves it, a total win-win. Thank you Thomas!Again, more trains but a different location. He'll sit on the counter, make a train, and have them travel around him-Under his legs, and around the other side. He'll do this over, and over, and over, and over again...We've been pulling out all of our baby stuff, clothes, toys, and other equipment, like the Bumbo-After getting in trouble for trying out the bouncer he tried the Bumbo. No yelling there so he stuck with it. For a week he'd sit in and play, sit in at the table even and eat, and even in front of the tv to watch a show, good thing we got it out before we actually needed it-
Here we go March, I think I'm finally ready-


Rebecca said...

Ha ha ha. Love the bumbo. You should have posted a picture from when he was little in the bumbo to now. Too cute!