Thursday, March 29, 2012

Last week with Travis-

was absolutely heavenly! I have really missed having him around this week, well we all have really. Cason was spoiled with some much Daddy time! Going to the park, out to lunch, playing outside, wrestling, the list goes on and on...including learning how to eat pistachios-Who would have thought Cason would have been so interested in eating them. Although I'm pretty sure it's because Trav was eating them too and also probably because breaking something was involved-Cason has been doing really well with Myra. He loves to hold her! He's always watching over her like an awesome big brother-And likes to pretend to take naps with her-My Grandparents came to meet Myra and could not believe how small she was-We gave Myra her first bath, as you can tell she was not a fan-But she did seem to enjoy getting her hair washed. As soon as you touched her head she immediately calmed down-And the drier her hair went the more wild it went-I could not get this picture to go the right way but it's way too cute to not include because I actually got a picture of her smiling and it's just so adorable-Cason got sick. Woke up on Sunday with puke all over the floor and then puked again and again. So we all stayed home from church and had ourselves a movie day. Of course Cason kept all the necessities with him at all times: sippy cup, pillow, blanket, pot to puke in, and ALL of his dinosaurs-Myra is a pretty good little sleeper, infact it seems like that's all she does is sleep! I have a hard time getting her to open her eyes to play. She's also a good eater and seems to only cry when she's super hungry.
Let's hope it all keeps up!


syerke said...

She is such a beautiful baby! Good work you two! I have found my baby Blakes match for hair! They are probably the only 2 babies I know with so much hair!

Rebecca said...

When Myra gets older I will teach her how to take turns with her rubbing my head and my rubbing her head. She's a girl after my own heart.