Monday, May 21, 2012

Wishing you were here

For Myra's blessing Travis' parents were able to come out from Kansas! It was so good seeing them, seeing as we don't see them often. Cason loved having them here and they got to meet Myra!
As well as the newest cousin, Josie! Myra and Josie are just a month apart-
We had a picnic at the newest park in Saratoga. Everyone had a good time climbing the rope pyramid, we'll call it, including Trevor and Shawni-
Cason found this spot that fit his little bum perfectly. He climbed to it every time and camped out there-
We miss you already Oma and Papa! Don't stay away for too long-
A baby's joy is so contagious, isn't it?
You're smiling right now saying 'aw...', aren't you?
I knew it! :)