Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cason needs his own camera!

Last week Travis blessed this little sweet pea- 
Trav said she stared at him the whole time! She looked adorable in her little dress that my Mom had made (of course).
We had family come from Kansas and Arizona and friends to be here for the blessing. We felt so loved! It was a wonderful day of family, love, and the spirit. We sure do feel blessed!
Four generations here-My Grandma, my Mom, me, and Myra- 
Cason and I were playing in his room one day having lots of fun until he ran out to do who knows what. I waited patiently for him to come back....three minutes later he came back in with my camera up to his eyes saying 'cheeeese'. I looked at him and gave him a big cheeser and he just laughed. So I decided to show him how to take pictures-
Was this a mistake? Quite possibly. But it sure did give us a fun bonding moment. I got a lot of good laughs out of him by playing peek-a-boo-
 Making funny faces- 

 And just by being plain goofy (this one got the best and loudest laugh out of him)-
 For now though it's a fun memory and he got a lot of shots of me, which doesn't usually happen-
 He did manage to hand over the camera so I get a couple of both of us-
 Love you goofy boy-
 Later that day he fell asleep at the kitchen table, in the middle of lunch, an hour before his usual nap time-


Rebecca said...

Cason - now you know how exhausting it is trying to get people to take good photos!! Keep up the good work so you can teach me a thing or two...