Monday, June 16, 2008

Relay for Life

The highlight of my weekend was when Travis and I went to walk for the Relay for Life that my work was apart of. It was fun to walk...and then it started to rain. That kinda stunk but it was better than the blazing sun I guess. But then it really started to come down. But everyone continued on walking and activities were still going and people continued to buy ice cream so I guess it all worked out. It was fun to get out of the house and to hang out with some of the girls from work.

This is Alisha, Deanna, myself, and Heather. Alisha teaches the three-year olds (the class right above mine). Deanna teaches the one-year olds (which is the class right below mine). And Heather helps me out in my classroom in the mornings, she's a keeper!

There was a hula-hoop contest, I did it for so long that my abs were staring to hurt. Yeah for exercise.

Just before I left all of the survivors from cancer did a lap together and a little girl at the day care, she's three, was walking. About a year ago I was helping out in her classroom and then she kinda disappeared for some health reasons. I later found out that she had cancer. It was so fun to see her walk with all of the other survivors form cancer. They were all much older people and then there was this little four year old, strong girl. It was a precious little moment that I rather enjoyed.
Well those are the only pictures that I can upload, it's weird. I've never had a problem uploading pictures before but for some reason most of my pictures won't come up so I guess this post is considered done.


Holly or Joe said...

Cool -I love walk-a-thons. That's awesome that you would participate. Good job on the hula hoop -I have never been able to do those things.