Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Battle at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Last weekend we took the weekend off and headed out to Gettysburg and had such a good time. We went to the Gettysburg Museum and not only heard the whole story but saw a ton of cool stuff. These are only some of the type of guns that they used during the battle.
This they called it the knap sack and said it was the typical gear that the soliders would carry. It weight approximately 45 pounds and when I went to lift it it didn't move! I had to bend my knees and use my legs to lift this thing and even then as soon as Trav took the picture I dropped it with a sigh of relief! I would have been a miserable solider.

I thought this was pretty cool, it's an apron that a woman made and wore during the war. She made a star for each of the 34 states. Kinda cool.

After the museum we saw a film that talked all about the battle. We drove around to the battle fields and this is what they looked like-

Very green, grassy, large, and very open. Here is where the confederates and the union would stand in front of each other and just start shooting. Sounds silly to me but that's just how it was I guess. At the end of the museum it said that there were 51,000 soliders that were wounded, killed, captured, or missing which made it to be the bloodiest battle in the war!We drove to the observation tower and it was incredibly high. When we got to the top you could see over the trees and see the town, the battlefields, and everything else that was around us. It was cool- and really windy and pretty chilly, so I had to bundle up.The town was so quaint. Tall buildings right next to each other with trees lining the streets. There were resturants, shops, and we even came across a scrapbook store! This was a cool building that I really liked, it's an Episcpcal church.

And last but not least a picture of a monument. There are monuments everywhere! Monuments to regiments, to generals, to the states that were apart of the war, to everyone.

It as such a fun weekend to be with Travis again. He's gone during the week and so it was so fun to be with him all weekend long! Although Sunday came back around and we had to say goodbye all over again. But I'm not too worried cuz I know another Friday is going to come around. Everyone should visit Gettysburg one day, it's a wonderful experience.


Holly or Joe said...

I read this post awhile ago, and Blogger wouldn't let me put a comment.
I love small towns with interesting buildings. You guys looks so great in all your pics!I'm glad you're enjoying PA.