Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pittsburgh Zoo

Okay people, let's try this again. So we went to the zoo a couple of weekends ago and saw a ton of animals! We tigers, lions, elephants, alligators, zebras, giraffes, flamingos, bears, sea lions, rhino, birds, all kinds of fish, monkeys, oh! And penguins!! Those were my favorite, mostly cuz I had never seen a penguin least that I remember. So anyway, here are some pictures of of our adventures at the Pittsburgh Zoo-

YEAH! It's working today! Whoo! So this is Travis with the cool flamingo's. Did you know that flamingos are really white! It's true, their pink color comes from all of the shrimp they eat. It's true, I learned it in my nutrition class. Shrimp has the same stuff that carrots do which is why if we eat too many carrots we would turn orange! Crazy! Anyway, back to the zoo-This is Travis by a Zebra. I think Zebra's are so cool, I love their stripes, I could stare at them all day.

This rhino was funny cuz there a mud puddle deal by this rock and he was playing it in. He was flop himself down in it and then wiggle his body in it as if to dig himself down deeper into it. Then he'd get up, which took him like two minutes to do. Then he'd walk back and forth through the puddle and then do it all over again. It was funny to watch. This was probably the highlight of his day this little mud puddle. He probably played in tat thing all day long!

The giraffe's, they're cool. They are cool, and to tall too. They're so tall! I would love to be that tall, you could see everything. I wonder if we look like little ants to them. Wonder if they ever wanna just step on us and squoosh us cuz all we do is stand there and stare at them.

These little monkeys were obviously boring cuz they were sleeping but they sure did look cute so I took their picture anyway. :)

Can you see me? Hee, hee.

They had this big tank full of star fish, coral, and other cool fish like type of things and I thought it was so cool. I was amazed with this star fish that was hangin' on right to the front of the glass so I had to get up real close to see what it was like. It was so cool to see everything movin' in there. To actually think that something like is alive is just beyond me! God really knew what He was doing.
The PENGUINS! They were so cool waddlin' around and then we could watch them swim! They were fast little suckers. We stuck around too for a good ten minutes cuz Travis wanted to watch one of them get out of the water and onto the ice. We finally saw one of them do it and it was like magic. He was in the water one second and then all of sudden he just popped out of the water and then he was on the ice. Totally crazy. I was thinking of Happy Feet the whole time and was waiting for one of them to break out into song, but none of them ever did.

This is the last one I promise. I had to post this because of how crazy it is. When we got to these monkeys I thought it was so cool cuz this little guy was so close to us. I started taking his picture and then I thought, 'what is he doing?' And so I watched him closer and realized that he was peeling off the paint and eating it! I couldn't believe it. He had his little fingers up on the point and picking at it just as if I was picking at tape or something. It was unreal. If you watch it long enough and list you can hear a little girl behind us state how crazy. Even these little girls figured it out, this monkey is completely crazy!

Well that's all my friends. I don't care how old you are the zoo is cool! It was so fun seeing all the animals and see yet another thing here in Pennsylvania before we leave.


RonElaine said...

We love the zoo and are so sad we don't have one closer - especially 'cuz it would entertain Liah ALL day! We are excited to see you soon (we are expecting lots of visits)!