Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It starts

Last week I started packing! Lucky for me I have no job so I have all day to pack and clean and get all ready for our big move. I figured two weeks would be a sufficient amount of time to get everything done and so I started last week some time and have made a lot of progress-This would be day one. I focused on the second bedroom room which had mostly storage and my scrapbook stuff.
Day two, the basement, more storage stuff.
Day three, I managed to clean up the entire second bedroom and wrapped the furniture but had to leave the heavy boxes full of boxes and the like because I'm weak sauce and don't have the arm strength. But this room is now completely clean and ready to go.
This is what the kitchen looked like on day three. I started cleaning out as much as I could in the kitchen.
And this is day four. I started with the living room and put stuff that was laying around in boxes.
This is also part of day four...I think. I started cleaning the second bedroom and for those of you who have stayed in apartments probably know the normal routine of cleaning an apartment just before you check out. So I got the bucket and filled it with Lysol and started. Dusting the baseboards, have a nice ledge on them. I cleaned the walls, the light fixtures, vacuuming, cleaned the blinds and the windows. I didn't realize how dirty this place was. At a quick glance it's really nice but when I stopped and took a closer look it is really bad. For instance, check out these blinds. I don't know how good you can see it but if you look close you can see that the top four or so are much cleaner than the ones on the bottom. The top ones I had just cleaned, the bottoms ones are how they looked. It took me a good hour to clean just one set of blinds, and there are four of them upstairs. I checked out the ones on the main floor and they're not bad at all. I have no idea how these got so dirty but my back is killing me from cleaning them.
Yesterday when I was working I looked out the window and saw this. This morning I woke up and saw this-
SNOW! Lucky for me I can look at the snow and smile because I have nowhere to go so I don't have to drive in it, notice how my car is not cleaned off. Love it. Unfortunately though I cannot go for a walk in it because I already packed my snow boots and such. Major bummer! It's suppose to snow all day but tomorrow they're calling for sunshine and a high of 46! So the snow will probably stick around but that's okay. Although everyone needs to pray for nice weather across the country because that is when we head back to Utah.


Brady and Patrice said...

That has got to be one of the most organized moves I've ever seen. Way to go - I love how you work. Usually people are just putting things in boxes as fast as they can the day the EQ shows up to help load up the moving van! So you're coming back to Utah, how exciting! We hope we get a chance to see you sometime.

Holly or Joe said...

Wow!You're wonder woman! And, I admire your drive and energy to tackle such a big project each day. I bet Travis is thrilled every day to come home and see more and more accomplished -which equals less for him to have to do. You're awesome.

And, yay snow!(when you don't have to drive in it):D

adamkristalee said...

Hi Camille! I'm excited that you guys are moving back to Utah. And I would have to say that cleaning blinds are the worst job ever!:) They never seem to get clean.