Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas Vacation-in Salt Lake

Travis and I were planning on heading up to Salt Lake on a Friday but there was a week when Cedar continually kept getting snow. We were nervous that there would never be a good time to head up there and we would had to just grin and bare and six hour drive up there. But then when we were out shoveling snow the day before our planned day to leave we noticed the sky started to turn blue and the sun was out. We checked out what the weather was like everywhere else and it was a beautiful day. So we quick packed everything up and headed up to Salt Lake a day early. As usual the drive was long-but it was a beautiful day, we had blue skies the whole way. The first week we were up in Salt Lake we stayed with my family at my parents house. We had such a good time keeping my sister company, who was very much under the weather, watching movies, playing video games, going to family parties, and doing other fun activities. Not to mention CHRISTMAS!!
It was a great Christmas for us. I wanted to get up at seven in the morning and run around like I was a crazy five-year old who just couldn't wait to open up her gifts but I didn't. I contained my excitement a couple hours longer and held out until everyone was ready. It was an exciting Christmas people. Travis had gotten my gift week and weeks ago and I had no idea. Last Christmas we picked out our own gifts for each other because we were completely clueless. I foolishly thought we were going to do the same thing until Travis had told me that he "actually already had my gift". I was shocked! Then he had to tell everyone what it was. There were some good reactions and so it was driving me crazy. Then a week before heading up to salt lake it was wrapped and next to the tree. I can't say under the tree cuz the box didn't fit (although keep in mind that our tree is only five feet tall). So anyway, I finally got to open my gift and it was a...CRICUT! For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a scrapbooking machine that is pretty much the coolest thing right now. Google it. I couldn't believe it, I was so surprised! Thank you Travis. I can't wait to start using it! My parents also went overboard and got me a sewing machine! Too cool. I'm very excited about getting to use that as well.

Travis is always hard for me to shop for and he's so picky but I found the perfect gift for him that I knew he wanted and just barely found something that fit what he wanted. I'm sure he was excited about getting it as well. Look how handsome-
My oldest sister, Rebecca, and brother-in-law, Forrest, got Rock Band for their Wii and let me just tell you how cool it is! We played and played and so much fun with it. This is everyone in their rock stance-everyone but Brandon, I'm so bummed that I didn't get a picture of him playing the guitar, he was awesome on it though-
Trav on the guitar
Rebecca on the guitar
Forrest played the drums, he was totally awesome. And guess what?
Even my Mom played! She was awesome too! I sang the whole was so much fun though. I think I did pretty good, I probably sucked most the time but let me tell you, this game is so cool. Trav and I are looking forward to playing again.
So that was the first week, completely wonderful and so much fun. It's so great being back in Utah and being so close to our families again. We loved Pennsylvania but there's nothing quite like home. The second week of our vacation up in Salt Lake we drove down to Eagle Mountain and spent that week with Travis' family. His parents and older sister and husband flew in from Minnesota so we wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to see everyone. I wanted to tell you about it but this post has taken me so long that I don't have time. Time to go make dinner. Until next time though-Forrest in this picture looks how I feel right now-



Bridggi5 said...

I'm so jealous you got a Cricut!!! I heard they are absolutely amazing... my mom has one. Tell me how you like it! I will have to put that on my wish list... I never think of scrapbook things to put on there when I'm trying to think of things! :) Hope your preschool is going well

Alecia Dave and DMax said...

So fun to see your cute fam!! It's been a long time!
Glad you had a happy Christmas!
Happy Anniversary and I love ya!