Tuesday, May 19, 2009

In the Blink of an Eye

Life can change so fast. One day you're doing one thing and planning for that one thing and the next thing you know, you're on a whole different track. At least that's how it was for my oldest sister, Rebecca and her husband, Forrest. They have been married for almost eleven years now. About eight years ago they tried to start their family. But as it works out, for some, they came across complications. They tried everything they could for years and realized about three years ago that if they wanted their family they would have to adopt. Almost two years they were approved for their adoption and then they were left waiting and waiting and waiting. Over the trials and hurdles they had to bare, they succeed in beginning their family. Not knowing what was coming their way, the day before Mother's Day they received a call from a young woman saying that she had to decided to place with them! Three days later she gave birth to a beautiful nine pound baby boy! Three days later, Rebecca and Forrest became parents! How amazing huh? I can't even believe they have a baby-right now. Life is sweet and boy do we have a lot to be grateful for. There is no doubt in my mind that they are going to be amazing parents! Travis and I are so excited for them!

They named him Carter. He is such a good baby, only crying when he needs something. He is so much fun to hold and take pictures of. He looks like a pug when he begins to squirm and cry, it's the best. We had only known him for a couple of minutes and we were already in love with him, I can only imagine how Rebecca and Forrest feel.
This is Rebecca, who is now a mom!!This is my mom, who I love to now call Grandma!

Travis had a stressful weekend because he was studying and preparing to take his Utah Board which will certify him to practice here in the state of Utah. He took his test on Monday and was just as nervous coming out of the test as he was going in. Hopefully we'll find out in a couple of weeks that he passed (I know he did). We are currently packing our apartment up and getting ready to move up to Orem on Friday-just a couple days left! It's too crazy that we have finally made it to this point in our lives. No more school. No more tuition. No more fees. No more loans. From here it's a real job that pays real money! We really couldn't be happier---oh wait, yes we can!

Today we had a Dr.'s appointment to find out the gender of our baby. I'm only 18 weeks but my dr. here in Cedar thought it would be fun to see if we could see anything before we left town. So we went in today hoping the baby wouldn't be hiding and there would be no shaddy business goin' on.

I took the best pictures I could of the ultra sounds. She showed us a lot of great pictures including feet, a profile here (he has a cute little pop belly), the kidneys, femurs, the brain, it was awesome. But I gotta be honest, this was my favorite part-She showed us this picture and then didn't say anything. Travis and I gasped and said together, it's a boy! TADA!! You can see his two legs stickin' out, his little bum, and then the goods. He was not shy and I was happy that he was willing to cooperate. So we're having a little Travis Jr. (no, that's not what we're naming him). So great. We're excited!! Thanks for all your love.


The Littlefields said...

YAY!! Our boys can be friends!! Congrats to you guys and your sister too!! That is just great!!
Do you guys need help moving?

Jer and Jules said...

That's so great for your sister! And dang, he was a big baby! You having a boy is just that much more good news, congrats! Your boys will be little buddies and can sorta grow up together being so close in age!
Good luck with the move!

Mackenzie said...

That is so happy to hear about Rebecca and her husband. He is adorable. And YAY for you! I loved having my little boy first... they are such momma's boys and I love it. Good luck and keep us posted on everything.

Huntsman Hotties said...

Congrats!! Hope the move goes well.

Rebecca said...

YEAH! It's a boy! He is super cute, I can already tell. Ha ha! Loved you post. It was very sweet.

Nella said...

Whoo! You're having a boy! I love little boys! Whoo! You're moving tomorrow! Whoo! Your sister is a mom! Wow, life is good eh?

Romney said...

Congratulations!!! Everything is starting to fall right into place! I am so happy for you both and am glad things are going well. Love the fact that its a little boy, no offense Travis, but I don't think you're ready for a girl yet. Good luck with the move and keep up the postings. I check them all the time to keep up with you two! Take care :)