Thursday, May 28, 2009

No work and all play

It has been quite the adventure having a puppy around. He's been really stressed having left his mom, coming into a new home, and having new owners. But lucky for us dogs adapt quickly and he loves us now. He whimpers when we leave the room and he'll come running to us when it's been longer than five minutes since he's seen us. He's been such a joy to play and snuggle with. My favorite it when he runs to me and climbs into my legs like you see in the next picture. He loves to lean right against your leg but this was my favorite. He laid there and took a little nap while I went through the mail.

Yesterday I was in the second bedroom unpacking stuff and noticed how quiet it had gotten. I went out to the living room to see what was going on and this is what I saw-Nap time. They are so funny. I laughed to myself and couldn't help but to take a picture. I love my boys!

And last but certainly not least, a video. It's hilarious. I love learning the cute little quarky things about Maestro. Like for example, he doesn't have much of a tail so when he wiggles it pretty much his whole butt wiggles, it's so cute. He stamps his front paw on the ground all of the time. And some times when he's running he kinda bounces like a bunny rabbit. So we took this video of him going back and forth to us. You can see the butt wiggle at the very beginning and also the bouncing too, he's so stinkin' cute! We're lovin' him! Enjoy!

Oh, and I feel I have to explain at the very end of the video Maestro tried to jump up to my face and ended up hitting the camera which then ended up hitting me in the chin. It was all pretty funny though.


Nella said...

Oh, thats so cute! Kay, we have to bring the kids to see you guys and Maestro! This weekend, Saturday perhaps? And I have to see that cute belly of yours. Dont' be fooled, you'll miss buttons on your pants soon enough. :)

Holly or Joe said...

I love it! I was laughing out loud at his little bunny hop. It's been so long since my dogs were that little.

You guys are gonna be great parents! For sure! Look at that love and attention.

Rebecca said...

Ha ha ha! That is hilarious. Are you sure he isn't a bunny?

Aaron and Jodi said...

Oh, I love your dog! He is darling. I love the bouncing and the wagging butt. Boa would have such a fun time playing with Maestro. Too bad you didn't have him in Cedar! We miss you guys too. Thanks for all the food! :)