Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Hooray! Hooray for two reasons-one I finally got on the computer and caught up on everyone's blogs and continued to stay around long enough to catch up on our blog.
Hooray reason number two-our trip up to SL the other week was a success! Travis worked with the Dr. and the Dr. loved him so much that he offered him the job. Travis loved the job so much that he called him back later that week and took the job! Hooray! Later that week we went apartment hunting and found something perfect for us and doesn't have outrageous rent-how blessed are we. Everything seemed to fall into place for us and we are so grateful.
What this means? Travis will be working with Dr. George at the Timpangeous (if I spelled that wrong please just continue reading) hospital around the end of June doing Pain Management. This weekend we're headed back up to SL again because Travis has his mother-of-all-tests (aka-his Utah board test). About a week or so after we'll know if he passed and then about five weeks after that when he gets his certificate, he'll be able to start working with Dr. George. Can't wait!
We're currently packing everything up and getting ready to move-AGAIN! Seriously, when will it end? We'll be up in the Orem and can't wait to be out of limbo and closer to family! Next weekend will be the big move so if you can come help us let me know, we'll be needing help in SL. Life is good. We're excited to get out of the 'limbo' stage and be done with school and on to the 'real world', okay so we're really looking forward to getting real money but we didn't want to sound selfish. :) Love you all.


The Littlefields said...

Yay for things falling into place and working out! (We're still waiting for that to happen). I am so glad that you'll be close! We can have play groups! :) Yay!

Jer and Jules said...

That's great! Yay for a new job and getting into the real world with real money! And yay for being closer!

Jake and Heidi said...

yes you goof! this is the heidi you remember from high school. lol and non of those spellings are my maiden name but you get the idea! ;)

glad to hear things are going so well for you guys!