Sunday, July 5, 2009

All American

We had a great fourth of July! We had a breakfast with Travis' family at a little diner that had a delicious breakfast! Danielle' and Clint-Travis with Easton-Then we were able to hang out for a little while and do whatever we fancied (yeah, I scrapbooked). Then we headed to my parents house for a BBQ, games, and the firework show at Sugar House Park. We had such a good time hanging out with family and celebrating the holiday. We took Maestro with us to the BBQ and the park. He did great at the park and was loving all of the dogs and new people around. He did pretty good during the firework show too. At first he wanted to run away but after that he settled down and acted like it was no big deal. Infact, for a little while he was looking up the sky as if he was enjoying the fireworks as much as we were.
This is Rebecca with her son, Carter, and her friends daughter Abby-
Can you guess which one of us is pregnant? My family couldn't decide who was farther along. :)
This is us at the park-
After the firework show at the park we went back to my parents and had a little firework show of our own. I've always enjoyed doing fireworks, especially sparklers. So I bought some for Travis and I and we had a good time with them. We did the usual and made all sorts of deisgns with them.

This one turned out to be our favorite-We hope everyone had a great holiday! Happy fourth of July!


Alecia Dave and DMax said...

YOu are so stinkin cute! Happy 4th!

RonElaine said...

LOL! That prego pic of you & Trav is hilarious!!!

Holly said...

Cute little belly! I love it. Glad you guys enjoyed your holiday!