Saturday, June 6, 2009

Young Love

My baby sister no longer seems like my baby sister anymore. All grown up, graduated from college, and now married. Yesterday she married Shawn in the Salt Lake Temple-too crazy. Luckily the rain didn't give us too much trouble but the wind is another story. At the end of the day though the bride looked beautiful and it was a day to be remembered. My sister is crazy about two things-chocolate and the color purple. Despite how untraditional she made sure to have these two things apart of her memorable day. Purple and green for her colors and of course-a chocolate wedding cake. And even though it's brown, it still looked beautiful.
My favorite part was after they each delicately gave each other a piece of the cake, the smacking of the fingers and the lips. I guess chocolate is sticky?...and they just couldn't get it off their fingers?....or maybe it's just that delicious and I really am missing out on something? Either way, they went on and on-

and on-

and on with the smacking of the fingers. I thought it was hilarious and was grateful that I was still taking pictures. :)

Congratulations Nicole! We sure do love you!


Alecia Dave and DMax said...

Oh wow! Nicole Married? What? I guess if we grow up everyone else has to too! Love you and your little prego belly!