Wednesday, August 5, 2009

music overload

So being home every day-all day long can some times be a tricky thing. It gets so quiet and you can only have the tv for so long before it gets old (if only they still played music videos all day). I have been listening to cd's and music on my computer for weeks and weeks and I gotta say-it's gettin' old. I've even been listening to stuff that I listened to back in middle school and while it was fun to reminisce singing along with lyrics, you can only listen to it so much. I actually got so desperate for new noise that I would listen to the music on people's blogs. So those of you that have music on your blogs-thanks. But once again, it only lasts for so long.

Yesterday I had to make a stop at the "fye Super Store" to find a movie that niether Target or Walmart had and I gotta say, this store was awesome. With movies, music, books, video games-all either new or used-I could have spend the whole day in this store. I was there for a good 45 minutes and I had only gone down three asiles of their cd section and I already had six cd's in my hands!

I love not only getting my hands on new music but I really do enjoy buying cd's. I know you can get any song online for a cheap price but I have always enjoyed picking out a cd that I've wanted and listening to every song. Growing up I was that teenager that would just sit on their bed and listen to music. I love hearing the other songs they don't play on the radio, learning new lyrics, and flipping through the little booklets they have on the front cover. Apparently this desire has not changed because I ended up buying six new cd's. Thanks to those who owned these before and took such good care of them because I got these for a cheap price because of this bright orange sticker-

Hooray for new music! This should definitely help me out for the next couple of weeks or so. But until my next stop back at fye I need some suggestions! What are some of your favorite albums? I was standing in the asile trying to think of music I've been wanting and which albums were the best, etc. So help me out, who are favorites and which albums are your favorites? This store had a ton! And it was so fun flipping through all of the cases. If you're a music lover and still enjoy buying music the old fashioned way, I strongly suggest this store-fye. There's one in Orem off of University Parkway and I believe there's also one in the South Towne Mall. Thanks!


Mackenzie said...

Camille... A FREE website that I absolutely love is You type in the artist you want to listen too and then it plays all artists with that same sound... So say you want Garth brooks... You get him... kenny, Tim etc. I love it you should check it out!

Maples Family!! said...

HEY!! How is life going for you and your family. Your dog is so cute!! Congrats on your baby.. not to much longer!! hope things are going good, it's great to find your blog!