Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ode to Oma

Travis' parents have been in town for a job opporutnity and decided to take full advantage of the time here in Utah (with all of their children being out here but one) and decided to stay for two weeks. We have had numerous dinners, ice cream nights, walks, movies, and hang outs to spend time together before we had to say goodbye for another five months (or whatever the time frame may be). Generally when we do family things together I am very good at taking pictures but in the past two weeks I took one picture. Just one-
I do love this picture though. It's a good picture that shows just how great Lynea, Grandma ("Oma"), really is. She is always ready with some kind of distraction tatic to help the kids carry on without throwing a fuss or getting into trouble. For example, this picture here, was just before Atkin was about to throw a huge tantrum that I was about to roll my eyes at yet again at his unwillingness to breath and understand the things going on around him. And what does Oma do? She distracts him with the marvelous idea of him running down to get a book. He immediately stopped the tantrum and ran down and got his "favorite" book-The Giving Tree. The way these two shared this book was so priceless. Atkin would finish the sentence while Oma would continue to point to pictures and ask what was going on. So much fun. So I guess if I was only to take one picture-at least it was a good one. We love you Oma! Trav and I can't wait for you to have our kids to distract! :)