Tuesday, August 25, 2009

and last but not least-a celebration

My cute niece, Avary, has a birthday this week and since Travis' brother, Trevor and Shawni, were in town we had a celebration for her over the weekend. They all came over to our apartment and we were finally able to try out the swimming pool! Which was great since it was 104 degrees out that day! Yikes! We all had such a great time... Okay well not all of us-Easton was not a fan-

Travis and I came across the perfect gift for Avary months ago when we saw a camera that was not only child size but child proof! Avary loves to use my camera to take pictures and so when we saw it on the self we automatically thought of her.

Thanks to this guy, Atkin, who also loves to take pictures with my camera-I got pictures of everyone that night and I didn't even have to leave my seat! How great, right?

Trevor and Shawni

and Jamie.

Unforutnately the other 53 pictures that Atkin took were all blurry, he's making progress though. Happy Birthday on Thursday Avary!