Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dear Experience and More Knowledgeable Mothers-

Should this first thing in the morning when I go to wake up Cason make me concerned...or worried....or nervous?I can't decide. He is very capable of rolling over these days, right and left and from front to back...but I still couldn't help feel a bit worried after a long night of heavy sleep. What do you think? Any words of comfort and advice is greatly appreciated!


Lynn said...

Julia and Adam both did this. Once they can roll around and such, and are strong enough to get out of swaddles, there's not much you can do. They're going to do their thing, and if you keep going in there all night and flipping them back, both you and they will just get frustrated.

I was told that really the problems come when they can't roll yet. So I'd say don't worry about it. Babies always will sleep better on their tummies and have done so for generations. "Back to Sleep" is great, and has potentially saved many babies, but don't fret about it when they can start making their own decisions about what is most comfy. Once they're strong enough to get into a comfy position on their own, they're strong enough to get out of it should the need arise.

Hugs--and take a breath. He's adorable!

I was a bit of a nail biting mom about bts as well. The thing that I was most concerned about when they started to roll on their own was that they come out of the swaddles, and I freaked that they'd get tangled up in the blankets blah blah. Chances are it wouldn't happen, but I bought a couple of those sleep sacks dealies, where they have arms but a bag thingy for their legs.

Problem solved.

Lynn said...

Oh--and I just noticed you have a bumper in your crib. For added safety, the SIDS foundation has said to get rid of them (yah, I was a bit nuts, since I'd had friends that had lost their babies. I read up on EVERYTHING. LOL). Something about air circulation or something. So. Sleep sack. Get rid of the bumper. And voila! You can sleep without stress! Although frankly, you probably could anyway. Chances are nothing will happen regardless. All of the SIDS foundation recommendations are mostly for mom's peace of mind as much or more than for the baby's health. :oP Mom's can be crazy. LOL

Forrest and Rebecca said...

I asked Carter's Pediatrician about this very thing! I was actually going in his room at night & rolling him onto his back! Silly mommy. She said once he can roll over I do not need to worry about it & "not" to go in his room & flip him on to his back. It was about this time that I stopped letting him sleep with a blanket was weird at first but I felt better knowing that there was less for him to get stuck in/on/under etc. Regardless of what people tell you, you are the mom and you should do what you feel is best. Don't second guess your judgement :)

It's Howard Time said...

Yep--our pediatrician said the exact same thing as your other very wise and experienced mothers have said. Also--I've also read up on the same bumper/air circulation "taker awayer" and so I never put one in but then I was worried about Keaton getting his legs stuck in between the slats--OK so at your nearest Babies R Us you'll find the most ingenius thing EVER. It's a mesh crib bumper. It's very affordable and serves for both air circulation AND peace of mind that my babies chubby legs won't get stuck in the crib.

Miss you!