Tuesday, April 6, 2010

As of late-

I blogged a week ago but still feel like I've missed out on some fun posts that I've been meaning to do-especially when I uploaded all my pictures and found over a hundred photos (although most of you know that that is normal for me). So here's what we've been up to this past week (and they're not in any particular order)-

For some reason Maestro put himself in the corner one day. I have no idea but I couldn't stop laughing when he just continued to look at the wall, even when I calld to him. He's crazy.
The Dr. Travis worked for sold his practice and he now works with a new Dr., but he is still currently in Pain Management. Getting into his grove with a new Dr. and a new computer system is taking more time than he or I would like but we are incredibly grateful that he still has his job.
Travis and I had the privileage of going to a conference session this weekend-It was amazing.
Travis got me a tri-pod that you can wrap around pretty much anything. We put it around our lamp and sure enough-it works great! Cason wasn't as impressed with it as I was.
hanks to these two good friends-Kelsey and Derek, Travis and I had someone to celebrate my birthday with. We went to PF Changs for dinner (I had the honey shrimp, delish) and then to Classic for some rollerblading-we had a lot of fun.My amazing older sister helped me taste the rainbow by making this amazing cake! Love you Bec!
Maestro and his Yorke friend, Charlee, both had birthday's and we finally found a time to celebrate! Maestro is now a year old-Maestro and Charlee both hated the ballooos but Cason loved them-
These next two pictures show how much Cason is looking more and more like his Daddy-Wouldn't you agree?
Cason is still enjoying eating solids. The nursing hasn't gotten much better but he loves to eat rice cereal.
Cason and Maestro and found a new friendship that I'm sure only they understand-
Cason has resdiscovered his feet when I got him these soft shoes, since we've been going out on walks more to help keep his feet warm. Whenever he has them on and he's sitting he ignores anything else in front of them and tries to eat them. So cute.
My heart melted when I was the store and saw all the bazillion Easter dresses around! I obviously knew that these were not an option for Cason but when I saw this little outfit I could resist-The rest of the family couldn't resist either when it came to an Easter Party. He can't search for eggs but he can still search through a little basket! Thanks for everyone who got Cason something, he loves it all!

And there you have it. The weekly happenings of the Dimonds! Hope you all had a great Easter and a good week!


Jer and Jules said...

I can't believe how big he's getting! He's such a cute little chunk!
Oh, and happy birthday, I'm glad you guys had a good time and got to go out for it!

Forrest and Rebecca said...

CUTE, CUTE, CUTE. Wait did I say how CUTE your post is?!