Tuesday, April 27, 2010

this weekend

I didn't realize how much went on this weekend until I checked out all our pictures-
Cason tried to convince Trav to share his drink with him-Cason took care of his businessAnd fell in love with carrots!Cason fell alseep on a walk, he still looked adorableCason helped us out with babysittingCason rolled around....and around and around....and ran right into the wallI finished Cason's first scrapbook (he's only two weeks old)Maestro had a friend over, Charlee
What a good weekend.


Mackenzie said...

Just looked through a bunch of your posts... playing a little catch-up. As for the sleeping on the belly thing, when my kids did it on their own I didn't worry, he should be just fine. And i love the picture of him hunched over in the stroller. TOo Cute.

Camille said...

Thanks Mackenzie. It was good hearing from you. Your kids sure are adorable!