Monday, August 2, 2010

back online

For those of you that noticed my blog was missing for a couple of days. Apparently Blogger does screen things because they noticed some "suspicious" activity on my account and so I had to prove it was me and that it got back up and running. So no worries to all the worry warts out there, we're being protected.

So we've been missing all last week because Travis' family came into town and the whole week was spent with them. So here's what we've been up to-
The best was the 24th. We went up to Doughnut Falls to do a little hiking and then did a little day camp for tin foil dinners and cake-in-an-orange (pictures to come, prepare to drool)-
Trav and Cason all ready to go-I love these chubby legs, they'd just bounce all over the place and get stuck in the bar. I'd fix his leg and it would be right back there the next time I looked, so funny-Cason playing in the water-sorry it's turned all weird. You can see the water on his face from him splashing earlier-All I did was say his name and he looked right at me and smiled. The stage he's at right now is so much fun-He kept resting his chubby cheeks on the bar here and I couldn't help but laugh and snap a pic-so adorable!Our little fam...minus MaestroThis kid-so stinkin' cute! My nephew AtkinOma and Papa keepin' an eye on Cason-Cake-in-an-orange, so delicious! Highlight of the day-

We went to visit Travis' Grandma and got this cute shot of Great Grandkids-Keaton tried to get away, and Easton tried to push Cason off and Cason seemed okay with all of it-playing with goggles-not quite sure who looks more ridiculous :)His teeth are getting a bit bigger-I dunno if you can even see them here. I have a hard time figuring out how to get a clear close up of the little guys. So maybe in a couple of weeks the shot will get more clearer as the teeth get bigger.Cason fell in love with cheese-seemed like he couldn't stuff it in fast enough.
We went to Seven Peaks and this was the only shot I got-Cason taking a nap in my arms-And this pic just cuz it's adorable-
And this poor guy. Maestro had to get surgery again! Apparently while running around and not being 100% healed from his knee surgery he tore a ligament which he needed to get fixed cuz it was causing him to do this-
Any tips you can give us about a dog recovery from surgery would be helpful considering he has so many surgeries and since we're such bad dog owners...[girl sigs here]


Mackenzie said...

Your babe is to die for... I just want to squish the chubby cheeks!

Super Shanno said...

just give him a bit of calms everything down!! ha ha cason is adorable and looking so much like a little big person!! love him!
ps i also love that shirt that says "feed me!"

Nick and Jen said...

I am so glad that you are back and didn't lose your blog! I was a little concerned! :)

That cake in an orange looks REALLY yummy! I love all the pictures of Cason! He is just too cute!

I wish I knew what to tell you about Maestro. Probably keeping him away from all the other dogs will help!:( Let me know if you need anything!

Holly said...

I was wondering what was up with the blog. Glad to see some pictures...I absolutely love those chubby legs!

Forrest and Rebecca said...

Ok. Those Michelin man tire legs are so...darn...adorable!!!