Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Maestro Post

When we first got Maestro the breeder informed us to never cut his fur because it could ruin it because it could grow back differently-and not in a good way. Which is true because the fur on the right leg is different from the rest of his fur because of his past surgeries (and having to shave his leg). So because of this we've never taken him in to get him groomed. Well-no longer! I looked into it because every time I looked him all I saw was long, gross fur! So when I talked to the lady I made sure the groomer knew all about Maestro's breed so it wouldn't get cut too short. They went all out-bath, nails, cut, so wonderful. So here is Mr. Shag before his cut-

And when I picked him up, I was shocked! Look at how good he looks-So clean and so stinkin' adorable! I wish we would have done this at the beginning of the summer when it got hot but oh well, better late than never I guess. I think we'll stick with the shag for the winter to help keep him warm since he loves the snow so much and keep him short for the summer.
And since I just can't do a post without having a picture of Cason-
We had another rainy afternoon and Cason spent some time out on the porch watching the rain fall and listening to the thunder while Maestro hid under the funny.


Merrill Clan said...

I am so glad to see that Maestro finally got a haircut. Now he won't look miserable outside in the heat. Way to be brave!!!

Bridggi5 said...

Maestro looks fantastic! :)

Nick and Jen said...

He looks so good! Can't wait to see him outside! :) I loved the rainy, colder weather yesterday!

karilyn said...

Love the new look!