Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Seven Peaks + season passes = a whole lotta fun!

This summer Cason and I got season passes to Seven Peaks and went at least once a week, it has been a lot of fun. Lucky for me Cason loves the water and never got tired going.

Last week Travis came with us for one last hurrah! We had a lot of fun. And thanks to my awesome husband he watched Cason for me so I could go on all of the "big kid slides". So much fun! Thanks Trav! You totally rock my world!

Cason loves the little kid area. He crawls all over and goes straight for the stairs and the water spraying everywhere. He seems to have n ofear seeing as how the tire swing is his favorite to crawl on-even when there are already kids playing on it.

The Lazy River has also been a favorite. Thanks to whoever invented this flotation device as it has been a huge help to me. I love swimming around in the lazy river while Cason just floats along the side of me. The wave pool is also a favorite. He crawls around until the water gets into his mouth and then he'll sit up and look at me like, 'Mom, I could use a hand here". Then he'll walk out as far as I'll let him. The waves will splash off his little belly and into his face and he'll still continue to walk out. Like I said, no fear. What a fantastic day!Over all I think Cason's favorite is snack time. While I dry off and get everything together Cason snuggles in a towel with a snack, really what could be better, right?Then every single time on our way back to the car I see his head start to bob as he falls asleep. He stays aslee from stroller to car seat to the crib, so sweet. Thank you Seven Peaks. You have been my saving grace this summer!
We hope to see you next summer!


The Littlefields said...

What the crap! We had passes too!

Nick and Jen said...

Thank you again so much for letting us borrow them! It was SO much fun...definitely buying season passes next year. Love all the pictures of all the fun you had! :)

The Swank Family said...

looks way fun!! Hey, quick question...what PA school did you guys attend? will you email me? (by the way we were in the 20th ward with you guys, just in case you weren't sure who i was) lewgiggles{at}hotmail{dot}com. My husband has 3 interviews in Pennsylvania in Oct. and we just wondered what your experience was like. thanks. and we love looking at all your fun adventures...your little boy is so cute!