Thursday, September 30, 2010

for your entertainment

I decided to post a video today and thought this one showed where Cason's at nicely. He loves to push things. Ever since he started walking with that little walker he thinks he can push anything-chairs, carts, luggage (at the airport), garbage cans, and strollers. He loves to push and walk with things. So here's a video of him walking and pushing his stroller-

And since I need to make up for not posting any pictures of Cason in the last post I did (thank you Annie for pointing it out) here's another video of Cason walking-

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Ever since we lived in Pennsylvania about this time of year I wish I was back there. I don't have pictures of the changing leaves close by but I do have these two pictures that I just l-uh-ve-It makes me miss all the fun vacations that we went on, D.C.-New York, Gettysburg, Valley Forge, and all the small towns in Pennsylvania, so fun.And of course I can't think of Pennsylvania and not think of my job at the day care. This is one of the few pictures that I still have on the computer...good times.
Miss it. Definitely miss it.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Coming home from vacations are always hard. There's always so much laundry and it's rough getting back into your every routine, not to mention trying to catch up on your sleep. For some reason this vacation took me a couple days to check out all the pictures I took...and then blog about it. It's been over a week but hey, at least I made it. My family and I flew to Gilbert, Arizona to visit my sister and her husband.

This was Cason's first plane ride and he did pretty good considering where we were. Luckily we got a window seat and while the plane took it's sweet time taking off he looked out the window...and licked it.We went swimming at a place kinda like Seven Peaks or Raging Waters, only on a much smaller scale.Every morning Cason would wake up and try to peak around the corner and try to tell us that he was awake. It was so adorable. We went to another place that had mini golf, bumper boats, go karts, and lazer tag.Cason was a fan of the mini golf. We found a couple extra balls in the water and he had fun tossing them-and putting them in the hole and out of the hole-We went out a couple of times. One night in particular we went to Golden Corral and Cason tried cottage cheese and red jello for the first time. Let me tell you, the jello got everywhere! Such a mess. The backs of his legs and arms were stained red. The cottage cheese was a big hit though, as you can see here-

Arizona was hot but still a lot of fun. We plan on visiting Travis' parents there in November for Thanksgiving. By then I'm sure we'll be enjoying the warmth! Stay tuned for pictures and hopefully a video of Cason walking!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

He's walking!...well, almost

Thanks to an awesome girl in our ward Cason in getting that much closer to walking. Remember the walker deal I mentioned in my last post? Well, here it is in video! He's adorable. The walker is making him so confident and everything he touches he tries to push. In church when he'll stand up against a chair and try to push it. Earlier today when we went to get a shopping cart he went straight to it and started pushing it! It was hilarious. Thanks again for sharing Shara! You rock our world!

We are on our way to Arizona tomorrow morning to visit my sister and her husband for her birthday. We're excited. It'll be Cason's first airplane ride and I gotta say, I'm a little nervous. Good thing Nana and Papa will be there. Everyone have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

clever title goes here

We borrowed a little walker from a girl in our ward and Cason is in love with it! He stands up on all on his own with it and then takes off with it- It's so much fun to watch him walk with it. It's made him very confident. When he's standing he'll often times let go of whatever he's holding on and stand there all by himself. Slowly but surely he's getting there.

Adorable, right?
I'm tellin' you, he plays with it morning, noon, and night. He loves this thing! Thanks again Shara!

This was the last weekend our pool was going to be open so we took advantage and went one last time. We had the whole pool to ourselves, it was marvelous.
Cason loves the water. It's gonna be sad not going whenever we can.

We also went to American Fork canyon and did some hiking. It was great having Travis home for an extra long weekend. Thank you holidays! We'll miss you, come back soon!