Thursday, November 4, 2010

what a goof

It's so fun to watch Cason learn and grow and develop this cute little personality.

I love cheesers like this one here-And then he'll just look at me and laugh about it. It's so fun. The other week I made a bunch of cupcakes then went to fold laundry in Cason's room. I was surprised when he came in to see what I was doing with half a cupcake in his hand and all over his face. He's become a complete remote hog. And even realizes what it does. If the tv isn't on he'll bring me the remote and then look at the tv, waiting for it to turn on or something. Then when he gets the remote he points it to the screen and starts pushing buttons. So funny.

Stay tuned for not so 'happy' Halloween pictures :)


Forrest & Rebecca said...

Ha ha what a goof is right! Time to stop leaving things on the table...pretty soon it will be the counter tops. You need a picture of him going "moo." I laugh every time I think about it!