Thursday, March 31, 2011

"Show me your teeth"

You've probably already seen this photo but it's so cute why not have it somewhere twice, right? Plus there's a fun little story with it. I decided Cason's getting close to that age where he could be smiling when I asked him too (especially since he's seen a camera so much). My first tactic was an obvious one, to teach him to say "cheese". And when he does say it, it is adorable, and gives me a smile. But I found another! The other day after a good teeth brushing I asked him to show me his teeth and wa-la, a smile. Well, more than a smile really. A huge smile, with an eyebrow lift and even a slight head shake. It didn't just make me smile, it made me laugh...a lot. So the other day he's playing with all these beaded necklaces and had all of them on at the same time. He's walking around checking himself out and then stops and leans against the wall. So cute. And of course I grab my camera-And ask him to show me his teeth-What a doll. Love you Cason!


Merrill Clan said...

He is adorable!!!!

Nick and Jen said...

He is looking so big in those pictures! What a cutie! :)