Tuesday, March 22, 2011

what a cutie!

This little man has discovered his pockets! At least when he's wearing jeans. He tried putting his hands in them and fussed and fussed until I showed him how to get his little hands into them. He tried walking away but lost his balance and fell flat onto his face (because he had no hands to catch himself with). He pulled his hands out, got back up, and came right back to me to put his hands back in his pockets. This time I didn't let go right away. He walked around for a couple minutes and I couldn't help but to grab a shot-so adorable! It's amazing how I am still madly IN LOVE with this little guy!

ps-today is Maestro's second birthday...sigh...wish I was making a cake for him. I love you Maestro.


TheTerry's said...

haha, love that picture!! (a tear for maestro :)