Wednesday, March 9, 2011

it's about-love

We had quite the treat this year for Valentine's because my sister, Nicole and her husband, Shawn were in town for a wedding (I don't think the happy couple actually got married on v-day). It was so fun having them in town and getting to hang out with them. We went out to dinner, took new family pictures (last one was before Trav and I got married), played lots of games, and of course ate tons of junk! My Dad got all of us ladies a balloon for the special occassion and Cason carried them with him everywhere he went-all of them!I wanted a cute picture of us together (as always) and of course it's a big fuzz ball. *sigh* maybe next time-Me and Carter, my nephew. I totall love that he's smiling in this pic-Nicole sat down to play the piano but it wasn't too long before she had some company-Looks like she's teaching them and that they're actually learning! Nicole already has this mother thing down! Holding one baby while letting him play hit the keys, while holding up the key cover thing (does that have a real name?) from the other baby so the baby she's holding doesn't get his fingers smashed! Good job Nicole, you'll rock out the mom gig.This really is not a good picture since my hair is doing...who knows what and Cason's not smiling but actually looking half asleep with his pants all bunched up but it was such an awesome moment. The babies actually left the piano long enough for Nicole to play a couple of songs that had me itching to dance. And who do I pick? Naturally Cason. So we danced and at one point he actually laid his head on my shoulder. It was wonderful. I sneaked my camera and gave it the Shawn with the "take-our-picture" look- Nicole, you're a goof. And now you know that if you take a picture with my camera it will end up on my blog! Haha!ps-since we're talking about love I recently just finished this little gem of a page. It took me forever to figure out what to journal about Cason's Great Grandma Visser but one I figured it out it added quite the nice touch to the page. I love this page. I love this picture, the smile that I've never seen before on Grandma Visser until she held Cason (it completely melted my heart!), and how simple and lovely this page turned out-