Thursday, June 30, 2011

Catching up Day 4: Ragnar

Ever hear of the Ragnar race? Travis ran it a couple weeks ago with his brother, his brother's wife, and a sister-in-law. It's basically a team of twelve split into two vans. And each person runs 3 legs of anywhere from 5-9 miles or so. They start in Logan and run to Park City! My brother-in-law describes it as being the most miserable fun you'll ever have. They're crazy. They said they had a lot of fun but when we met them at the finish line they were all hobbling and barely even running really. But they all look great from all the training!
We waited for them for what seemed like forever in that hot blazing sun! But the kids were really good and patient-
They thankfully know how to entertain themselves-Running across the finish line (trav's on the left in the red shorts)-Cason and sore Daddy (they look even more alike with their buzzed heads, don't they)- The runners! Clint, Danielle', Travis, and Shawni-
They look great, don't they??