Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Camping trip #2

As soon as we came home from Lava we unpacked, washed everything, and then packed it all back up again to head out the very next weekend. We headed out to the Unitah Mountains and had a lot of fun. There wasn't quite as much to do but the river helped keep us busy. Cason loved climbing in, getting wet, and throwing rocks around. Not to mention it was the first time he got to swim without a shirt on (he usually wears a swim shirt). When we got home he kept asking to "go swimming in my belly", yes it's adorable!
 There was plenty of dust and dirt to crawl and play in-
 We did lots of hanging out together-
 And more hanging out by the fire-
 We also took bikes and scooters and did lots of riding on the road, Cason was in heaven-
 The very last morning we were there I was about to go back into the tent to feed Myra and leave Cason out by the picnic table to play when I saw this right next to our tents-
How grateful I was that I saw this ginormous moose (there were two actually) before I left him alone with them because he kept wanting to "go say hi". They were pretty cool though. We watched them until they ate enough and walked away. Fun camping trip! But we were definitely ready to be home though. While we were packing up Cason kept saying "I'm ready to go home". It was pretty funny and we were more than happy to oblige.