Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Her smile has turned green-

My aboslute least favorite stage of all the baby stages is solid foods! I don't know why but I have been dreading it ever since Myra was born and at her four month check out when the pediatrican saw she wasn't gaining a whole lot of wait he said those awful words: "you should probably get her started on cereal and veggie's pretty soon". Noooooo!! Anything but solids. But I did it. I started Miss Myra on baby cereal and veggie's and yes, I still hate it. But Myra seems to be enjoying it-
 Green beans are not her favorite but she is definitely enjoying the peas-
 See what I mean, loves them-
 Green beans are a fight but I've also given her sweet potatoes and squash and believe it or not, she's not into the squash. I thought she would have since they're kinda sweet but I guess not. Maybe she'll like them after a couple more tries-
 So even though she's adorable with her green smile and slobbery face-
 I still hate solids!


Kathryn O. said...

I'm with ya. Dislike solid feeding big time! But that green smile is pretty darn cute! ;)