Tuesday, September 25, 2012

they're so big!

I don't know how it worked out so nicely but this fall when we went to get family pictures it worked out perfectly because Cason is just about 3 years old and Myra is right on 6 months, how awesome. We decided since our children are more beautiful and interesting than us to just get it to the kids and boy am I glad that I did. They turned out amazing! I wanted to post them all but knew it'd take too long so here's some of my favorites and I think I'll post the rest on Facebook. Enjoy!
 The best one of both of them-
 What a stud-
 Melts your heart, right?
 If that one didn't turn you into mush the next few will-

 Absolutely love and adore my beautiful children!


Clint and Courtney Summers said...

Oh my goodness, they are so big, and SO stinking cute!!!!!!!!!

Adrianne Merrill said...

Adorable!!!! Cason is so BIG!!! I can't get over it. They are so cute