Tuesday, September 25, 2012

they're so big!

I don't know how it worked out so nicely but this fall when we went to get family pictures it worked out perfectly because Cason is just about 3 years old and Myra is right on 6 months, how awesome. We decided since our children are more beautiful and interesting than us to just get it to the kids and boy am I glad that I did. They turned out amazing! I wanted to post them all but knew it'd take too long so here's some of my favorites and I think I'll post the rest on Facebook. Enjoy!
 The best one of both of them-
 What a stud-
 Melts your heart, right?
 If that one didn't turn you into mush the next few will-

 Absolutely love and adore my beautiful children!


Clint and Courtney Summers said...

Oh my goodness, they are so big, and SO stinking cute!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Adorable!!!! Cason is so BIG!!! I can't get over it. They are so cute