Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pictures that couldn't go un-posted!!

I realized that I'm way too behind on my blog to ever really 'catch up' which I'm really okay with but as I was looking through pictures that I missed I was bummed because it's such a good picture so this will be a picture overloaded post of pictures that I just can't forget about! Enjoy! :)

This is at Neptune Park in Saratoga, this pyramid is 30-feet high and Cason climbed ALL the way to the top! He's the little guy in the front with the yellow shirt and orange hat, notice how he's the only little boy up that high! He has no fear and yes, it freaks me out! Oh, and he climbed down all by himself too! 
 Myra eating her very own ice cream cone on my birthday, needless to say she enjoyed the celebrating part-
 We bought Myra the smallest helmet we could so she could start going on bike rides with us and man she looks so adorable in it! And she loves wearing it! She cries whenever I take it off-
 Myra playing at the airport on the way to Arizona to visit Auntie Nicole-
 In the sweetest little swim suit! She played with the bows on her hips more than she did in the water-
 In AZ basking in the sun...with Myra's sunglasses-
 Cason has been getting a hold of the camera lately and taking large amounts of pictures, so funny! And of course on the few days that I decide to lay low and wearing no makeup I hear, 'hey Mom-' and I turned around and see snap, snap, snap-
 But to my amazement they actually turned out pretty cute-
 Thanks Cas! Next time let's try when Mommy is having a cute day!
 At my parents house playing with EVERYTHING in sight! Absolutely love this shot-
 Celebrating Nana's birthday with chocolate cake!
 Cason at the end of the school year with his teacher Miss Katie and Miss Jenn! I can't thank these amazing women enough for doing what they do and for accepting Cason a year early! You are ladies are my hero!
 Carnival came to town-
 Cason loved riding all of the rides but really wanted to ride the ferris wheel. We had to wait in line forever but it was worth it to see the smile on your face and get some awesome shots-
 And last but not least, Myra on her favorite summer past time, the swing-