Monday, June 3, 2013

Princess Myra is one!

Our sweet baby girl had her first birthday in March 17-

 Since she's our St. Patty baby we decided to go with a rainbow theme-
We invited the whole family and all of our friends! It was such a good time passing around our sweet Princess that believe it or not wore this little crown practically the whole time!

 I made this adorable little baby for her! Yellow cake, chocolate frosting, with a cute rainbow and clouds on top. I was so excited for her to tear into it and made a mess!

She apparently really is our little princess though because she barely touched it! I dunno if she was intimated by it, afraid of it, or what because I loves cake! So I dunno what it was about that particular day but we were all pretty bummed that there wasn't more of a show.
She had so much fun opening gifts and ripping all of the paper-
 She got this awesome wagon from her Nana and Papa. A lot of stuffed animals, puzzles, and other fun toys!
 A new baby and a tiny stroller. She loved pushing it but we had to be sure someone was with her otherwise she'd fall right on her face because the stroller is so light. She loves it though. Here's Papa helping her-
 Cannot believe our sweet baby girl is one already! So, so crazy! Happy Birthday Miss Myra!


Anonymous said...

happy 1st soon time for p-ssy play