Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today in my class we had a Valentine's Day party which really just
translates into the kids eating a lot of food which ends up being
complete and total chaos. After the eating portion of the "party" we had all the kids sit at the table with their boxes for their valentines and we started the kids passing out their valentines to one another. Before I know it I've got kids ripping off the stuff on their box, taking other kids valentines and I even had one kid who sucking on a sucker through the wrapper because couldn't get the wrapper off! Totally crazy. By my break at 11:30 I had a huge headache and I had never been happier to see all of my kids taking naps! It was a wonderful sight to behold.
So just when I think my class is totally crazy and I thought I couldn't take it anymore a father comes to pick up one of his boys early because his other son in another classroom had a temp. My other teachers tried to wake him up but he wasn't responding much. So I went over to him to talk to him and he not only didn't believe me that his dad was here to pick him up, but he didn't want to leave! He clung to my leg and would not let go! I told him that he gets to go home to play with his mom and dad and his brother and he said, 'no, I wanna stay and play with you.' I reminded him that he will be coming back tomorrow and that we could play together then. His reply was, 'No, I wanna play with you now.' It was so cute and it totally melted my heart. I felt bad for dad because he seemed totally embarrassed by the fact that his own son didn't wanna go with him but man, it sure did make me feel good!
Travis had school late tonight so when I got home I did the little things around the house to help keep me busy. Then I heard the keys in the door, the door open, and to my surprise he walked through the door with this! So beautiful! It's just one flower but it's a whole pot of flowers that should (and hopefully will) grow into many!! How wonderful! Not only did he give me flowers but he gave me flowers that are supposed to keep growing and growing! I love it! I don't care what any woman says, flowers are the best gift ever! I would forgive anyone that gave me flowers.

So this kind of turned into a random post but that's okay. I mostly just wanted to tell everyone about my day and tell everyone that I hope they had a good Valentine's Day, whether they had someone to spend it with or not. I

love you all and those that I never get to see anymore, I
definitely miss you! -camille


Jer and Jules said...

I LOVE daisies! I'm so jealous, though I did get a pretty nice bouquet myself, and knowing me, if I got a plant I'd end up accidentally killing it.

The Littlefields said...

Those are really pretty flowers, one of my favorites. That is such a fun story about work. Kids always love you! I'm glad you had a good day.

Holly or Joe said...

Camille!! I am glad you have a blog...I am not a good emailer, so it's nice to just drop in on a blog and get uptdates to how people are doing. PA looks beautiful and i am so happy you're enjoying it!

Jess and Dusty said...

Hey! It's good to see that you guys have a blog! Looks like you are having too much fun. Sorry to be confusing. Ethan isn't our baby, he is actually Whit and Tiff's, but he sure is cute. We watch him every now and again.

Holly or Joe said...

Ah Camille -you really are so cute! I love that you get to be with so many kids and have all those cute experiences. I have know idea what I'd do with a whole classroom of kids ---it will be good practice for your future little travises and camilles though!