Saturday, February 23, 2008

Every day-I smile

*Deep sigh* I am I thought I would tell you about the week I had a couple of weeks ago. I had something great to laugh about or make me feel wonderful each day of the week while I was at work. Every day I had something to make me smile so I thought I’d share.
On Sunday I had painted my nails bright pink, just for fun and when I went into work I showed them off to my kids. I asked what color they were and so forth. I showed one particular little boy and when he looked at them his eyes widened and he took in a deep breath and said, “WOW!” I think he was impressed as much as I was because let’s face it, I never paint my nails not to mention they were pink!
We have a plethora of musical instruments for our kids to “discover” and most of the time the kids just make noise with them or use them for other types of playing. On Tuesday one little boy was playing the tambourine and you could tell that he didn’t quite know what to do with it. Before I decided to jump in and show him what it was meant for I decided to watch and see what he would do with it. He looked at it from all sides and then he proudly put it on top of his head, rose up both of his arms and exclaimed, “I am the King!” He’s TWO!! Too funny.
During nap time on Wednesday I was trying to clean up my room a little bit and there was a box of shoe boxes sitting on a shelf that had been there for days that I was tired of seeing. So I decided to take it out of my room and put it somewhere else for the time being. The box was large and when I picked it up I couldn’t see over it at all so thankfully it was light. As I was walking through my room and trying not to step on any of my kids, because they were on the floor napping, I hear a little voice say, “Be careful Camille-be careful.” Just when I thought everyone was sleeping I had one of my little boys watching over me (the same little boy who liked my fingernail painting job).
I have a couple of kids in my class who have siblings in other rooms and towards the end of the day when the kids are restless and just want to see Mom I treat them with a walk up to their siblings classrooms so they can see a friendly face. Well not all of my kids are so lucky to have a sibling so when they see other kids leave the room to say hi to a brother or sister; they get a little jealous and want to go visit someone too. After a long discussion about brothers and sisters in my class on Thursday a little boy (who is an only child and adopted) told me “I’m gonna have a brother. *pause* Mom and Dad are so excited.” I couldn’t believe it! Is mom pregnant? Have Mom and Dad been telling this little boy that he was getting a brother? Or had this little boy just heard the word ‘brother’ too much and made up a fun little story…only time will tell.
And my Friday story I have already told in my last post, where the little boy wanted to stay at “daycare” and play with me. It all makes my heart melt! I say it all the time and I will just continue to do so, I have the best job. Every day these kids give me hugs and kisses, cry on my shoulder, play with me like I am their best friend, call me ‘mom’ by mistake, want no other teacher but me, and it all melts my heart and makes me wish that I had one of my very own….or a couple. ;)
OH! And the picture is of me, honestly, how could you not tell? Monet drew it just for me a year or so ago (from my last job in Cedar City), she was six at the time. I think she's gonna be an artist when she grows up.


The McPheeters Clan said...

Hey Camille, Gotta love blogs! Have a good day!!

Nella said...

I love the daycare stories! You make me want to be a better mom and enjoy my kids more. Thanks!

Brady and Patrice said...

Don't you love kids?! They're so funny! Ayda can hardly talk and I'm already laughing at her all the time! That's gotta be an awesome job! (and of course stressful at times, too)

Holly or Joe said...

I love the picture of are so cute to post it! I love kid stories...tell more!
You are awesome Camille, I can see why all the kids like you so much.

Jude Sells said...

Hey Dimonds,

I stubble over you blogspot and was happy to see some pictures. Travis how is school going? Well if you want to read up on the sells news my blogspot is and my email is See y--Jude

Jude Sells said...

Hey thanks for getting back with us. Is Travis liking school there? I'm getting anxious to start medical school, I took this semester off and have nothing to do except work. This gets a little boring. Anyways thanks for sharing your school stories.--Jude