Wednesday, February 13, 2008

We've got FISH!

It looks good to have something "living" (such as a plant or some sort of animal) in our classroom and so we decided to get some fish! I told the girl that was going to go out and get them to get anything but goldfish (mostly cuz I thought they'd be boring) and what does she come back with? THREE gold fish! Oh well. When I first saw them I fall in love with them so it all worked out. My kids love them too! One of the fish is extremely bigger than the other two so I wanted to name him McFatty but didn't want to be responsible for teaching the kids a bad word so we went with Big Goldy instead. The smallest one is Pete and one of my two teachers thought we should have a girl name for the third fish so my other teacher said, 'How about Mrs. Magillacutty?' I'm not even sure if I spelled that right so just sound it out just like I spelled it because that's how I tried to spell it. So anyway, that's the name of our third fish, I was actually a little worried that I wouldn't be able to remember her name because it was so long and so odd. And I have forgotten her name numerous times but lucky enough for me I have really smart kids because believe it or not the kids actually remember her name better than I do! I always have to think about it for a minute and before I know it the kids are saying 'Mrs. Magillacutty'! It's so cute too because only some of the pronunciation sounds come out. And can you even believe this is actually the closest I've ever come to having my own fish! Maybe if I can keep these guys alive I can get a dog soon!


Nella said...

Cute picts. I like the zoomed in ones of the kid's faces in the bowl, very cute. I'm always tempted to get some fish for the kids and I, but with Boggie, and the fact that I HATE cleaning fish bowls has halted my whim.