Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Beautiful Sunday Drive

Actually I was really just driving to church but it was so beautiful out so I just HAD to take some pictures. Over the weekend we had an ice storm here which consists of freezing rain and a lot of sleet. It took a lot longer to get to work on Friday and only about half of our staff and our kids showed up (it made for a quiet day). Well the ice and the rain froze on the trees and it made them look gorgeous! I've been wanting to pull over on the freeway and take pictures but since that's not safe this morning as I was driving to church I pulled out my phone and took some pictures, they aren't perfect and they're a little fuzzy but they are better than nothing. I also had to pull out my sunglasses today because the sun was shining so brightly, it was a beautiful day! On my way home from church the therometer in my car said it was 39 degrees outside and all that ice and rain frozen on the trees? Gone! So I'm glad that I took advantage of being able to take some pictures.
I love how it's always beautiful here. The trees aren't green and some days are dark and dreary but some how it still always seems to be so beautiful. I miss home but I love it here.


Nella said...

The big question here is; why weren't your eyes on the road? Now that is risking it all for a good picture! It really does look beautiful.

Kathryn Oblad said...

It looks like such a fun place to live. We haven't seen snow really here in NY.

The Littlefields said...

So pretty!! I love these pictures. Are you freezing there?? I get cold just looking at them.