Friday, January 23, 2009

It starts at an early age

Remember when you waiting for class to start and a group of girls would come towards you and take the last couple of desks that were open right in front of you, therefore blocking the board and where the teacher would stand? They'd sit in front of you and all you could look at was their beautiful hair hanging down their back, their cute new back pack...and their butt crack cuz their pants were so low and their shirt was too short? Well my friends, I'd just like to say that it starts at an early age-
I don't think girls plan this type of behavior, I believe it's something that just happens and they a-don't notice or b-take it for what it's worth and give all of us a show. Anyway, this cute little girl in my class was showing major crack and I couldn't help but take her picture and laugh....then I pulled up her pants. :)


Alecia Dave and DMax said...

What are you talking about it still happens!! :) I love your guts!